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Ricardo Gonzalez

Exercise Physiologist

Ricky is an accomplished Exercise Specialist, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Sports and Fitness from Florida International University.

With three years of invaluable clinical experience, Ricky has honed his expertise in promoting and enhancing physical well-being. His dedication to the field is exemplified by his certification as a NASM Personal Trainer, showcasing his commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals effectively and safely. Furthermore, Ricky’s passion for knowledge and commitment to excellence are evident as he pursues his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ricky enjoys refining his golfing skills, maintaining his own fitness regimen, and embarking on exciting adventures with his friends. Ricky’s balanced approach to life, blending professional achievement with personal interests, underscores his dedication to both his clients and his own personal growth.