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Accreditations / Certifications
JoVaun Wooden's Accreditations & Certifications

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Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning

Dr. JoVaun Wooden is a dedicated and compassionate physical therapist who is devoted to providing the best care for all his patients. With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and a background in various sports he has built a profound understanding of the human body and a passion for helping others reach their true potential.

Early in his life, JoVaun whom often goes by “Jay”, developed a keen interest in sports and fitness, sparking his curiosity about the mechanics of the human body and the intricacies of peak performance. This fascination led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise science at Florida International University, where he started his journey in personal training and eventually started his own personal training LLC “Wooden Workouts”. Through his company JoVaun provides specialized strength and conditioning for athletes of various sport including MMA, jujitsu, track and field, and soccer.

Throughout his academic journey, Dr. Wooden demonstrated exceptional dedication and a natural ability to connect with patients. His clinical rotations and internships allowed him to gain hands-on experience, working with diverse populations ranging from athletes recovering from sports injuries to individuals that have been hospitalized for more acute injuries. These experiences not only honed his clinical skills but also solidified his commitment to personalized care. After obtaining his Doctorate from the University of St. Augustine Miami campus, Dr. Wooden began his career in physical therapy at Apollo Rehab where he transitioned from tech to DPT.

Beyond his clinical work, JoVaun enjoys being active with his wife, participating in various sports such as jujitsu, golf, rock climbing and anything that poses a challenge.