staff david matute
David Matute

Exercise Specialist

David is a dynamic individual whose passion for health and wellness knows no bounds.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Altlantic University in 2022, he embarked on a journey fueled by a desire for continuous learning and growth. With aspirations of becoming a Physical Therapist in the future, David approaches each day with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm.

As a team player, David thrives in collaborative environments, leveraging collective expertise to deliver comprehensive care to his patients. Known for his strong work ethic and genuine compassion, he deeply values the well-being of those he serves, striving to make a meaningful impact on their lives.

However, David’s contributions extend beyond clinical excellence. With a natural penchant for humor and sarcasm, he creates an inclusive and uplifting atmosphere at Apollo Rehab. Through his lighthearted jokes and warm demeanor, he ensures that everyone feels like a valued member of the Apollo Rehab family.

Outside of his professional endeavors, David leads an active lifestyle as a general fitness enthusiast. Whether he’s exploring the great outdoors, savoring delicious cuisine, or observing animals in their natural habitats, he finds joy and fulfillment in every experience. Above all, David’s insatiable thirst for knowledge drives him to delve deeper into the world of physical therapy, making him a passionate and dedicated learner in his field.