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Brian Curbelo


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Dr. Brian earned his Doctor in Physical Therapy at the University of Saint Augustine in Miami Florida.

Brian is a seasoned exercise trainer with an impressive track record spanning more than 10 years. His expertise lies in the realms of Olympic lifting and functional strength and conditioning, showcasing his profound understanding of these disciplines. Notably, Brian’s passion for optimizing human movement extends beyond strength alone. He has earned the moniker of a “mobility guru” due to his relentless pursuit of knowledge in the field. Countless hours have been dedicated to mastering the art of enhancing mobility, a testament to his commitment to helping individuals regain and improve their capacity for fluid, natural movement. Brian’s multifaceted skillset makes him a valuable asset in guiding others towards achieving their fitness goals and reclaiming the essence of human motion.

Fun fact: Brian enjoys spending his free time on the water fishing or working on his strengths and weaknesses in the weight room lifting weights and spending time with his friends family and girlfriend. GO PHINS!