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Patient Testimonial:

I’ve been a patient at Apollo Rehab for 2 years and 3 surgeries later, I couldn’t be happier with Zeus and his team. I had an ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair that I never fully recovered from after previous therapy and that led me in search for someone with answers. Everyone I know that went to physical therapy had been telling me to go to Zeus for a long time, so I finally caved in and i’m so glad I did.


After a short time at Apollo Rehab, Zeus was able to identify that it was possible I re-tore my meniscus and needed a new mri to determine. Turned out he was right and I was in need of a second knee surgery. After my menisectomy, Zeus and his staff were very patient and knowledgeable starting me back up again. The environment is so welcoming and fun, you feel like you’re surrounded by a big family without the stress.


After two surgeries you can imagine I was exhausted from rehab after rehab and not being able to train at the level I was used to, or return to my full duties with the U.S. Coast Guard. Over time my knee was on the mend but I was now experiencing pain in my hip on the same leg. Zeus did a few tests and found it was possible my hip labrum was now torn. With his knowledge I was able to request an mri and again, it was true. I needed a specialist in hip arthroscopy to do the surgery. After talking to Dr. Vera and my knee surgeon Dr. Harlan Selesnick Head Team Physician for the Miami Heat, they both directed me to Dr. Bryan T. Kelly Head Team Physician for the New York Rangers for surgery.


While up in NY for hip arthroscopy surgery, Zeus stayed in contact with me to answer any questions or concerns I had while recovering and doing therapy out of town. Two weeks later, I am glad to be back at Apollo for treatment. I am excited to see what Zeus and his amazing team will be able to do in order to get me back to health and alleviate pain along the way.


Everyone is so helpful and friendly from the front desk, to student assistants, and everyone in between. I am so grateful Zeus was able to identify both injuries before I even had an mri and guide me through each surgery with patience and care. It already takes a toll on you physically and mentally to be limited in what you’re able to do, it helps that physical therapy is a place you feel comfortable and motivated.


I recommend all my Coast Guard members to come and they have nothing but amazing experiences here. He has been a critical part in picking up the pieces of all my broken parts, while also bringing health back to many of my fellow service members in need of highly physically demanding duties. I can speak for all of us when I say he is the best. I would still be stuck in pain from my first surgery if it wasn’t for Zeus, and just a couple years later, i’m much closer to recovery than I was yesterday.


-Rachael Sporko (U.S. Coast Guard Dr. Selesnick and Dr. Brian Kelly)